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What is lurking in our carpets?

So what is lurking in our carpets? Before we get into all that (and there is a LOT of things in there), we will first warn you that this blog isn’t for the faint of heart! Some of the more common items found in carpets can be downright gross. The truth is that carpets can […]

5 Standout Wood Flooring Projects

I know, I know, you aren’t supposed to have “favorites” when it comes to children, pets, and in this case, our creative work endeavors but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves and we get caught up in the beauty and art that our wood projects illuminate when they are finished! So here we find ourselves […]

What Stain Is Best For Your Floors?

When you open the door to your home or business, the floor sets a tone for your guest. Your floor is the foundation of your design. Whether it is the sexy sleekness of rich walnut, the New Age clean feel of natural light wood, or the country charm of honey oak, hardwood floors can definitely […]

Biomimicry: Ideas Inspired By Nature

It’s a bit of an elitist attitude that haunts us human beings, thinking that we are the first to design and build in the natural world. We should remember that the rest of nature solves problems, too. And while nature’s solutions are focused on function, they still manage to incorporate aesthetics. For example, there’s no […]

Maintenance: Horror Stories From The Front Lines

Most people follow clothing cleaning recommendations. You wouldn’t throw a suit that’s dry clean only in the washing machine. That suit costs much less than a new hardwood floor, right? So why not follow the recommendations you receive for cleaning your new hardwood floors; you know, the ones we professionally installed and/or sanded and finished? […]