Custom hardwood flooring can be extremely unique with a variety of wood species, colors, textures, and finishes. However, you don’t have to have a commissioned project or a Wood Floor of the Year to customize your wood floor to your taste and lifestyle. Many of the projects our technicians complete are exactly what our homeowners want: a beautiful, durable investment that increases the value of their home, likely the largest purchase of their life!

Change the look of your existing wood floor

Simply resanding your wood floors can change the color and sheen and bring out the natural beauty of the wood you probably haven’t noticed in a while. Satin and gloss sheens tend to reflect more and look like a plastic cover over the wood, so you don’t notice the grain and color of the wood as much. On the opposite end of the finish spectrum, if your finish has worn off and dirt is now embedded in the grain of your wood, you’re likely not seeing anything but a dull gray tone. Sanding out that dirt and restoring your floors will completely change the look of your home.

Hardwood Flooring Installation
Hardwood Flooring Installation

Add more wood floors.

What’s the best way to capture dirt and allergens? Keep your carpet. Solid hardwood flooring is the only floor covering that increases your home’s value, and it’s also going to look a lot better for a much longer time than carpet. Adding more wood floors enhances the value of your home and allows you the opportunity to change the appearance of all of your hardwood. And it removes natural borders that two different floor coverings force on a room. Want more space in your great room? Get rid of the carpet that defines the space.

Consider adding unique items like hardwood stairs and handrails.

Wood stairs make a dramatic focal point to an entryway and are much easier to keep clean than carpet.

Replacing the egg-shaped, rounded newel post and wooden spindles in your handrail goes a long way toward updating your entire home. Newel posts can be custom built or sourced from traditional to modern designs. They can be square or turned. The same goes for wrought iron balusters, which replace your wooden spindles. Those can be several different sizes, colors, and sheens with a variety of different designs, from traditional to modern.

Regardless of how you choose to customize your hardwood flooring project, be sure to contact our nationally certified Wood Floor Sales Advisor for specific design recommendations and high-quality products.

Hardwood Flooring Installation