One of the questions we get asked a lot is, “what’s the best way to keep our wood flooring beautiful?”

While normal wear and tear can happen with any type of floor, adding texture to your solid hardwood floors also adds customization and hides distressing that occurs over time. We’ve had prospective clients ask us to remove their existing wood floors so they could be replaced with hand scraped engineered wood. What these prospective clients didn’t know is that we can save them money by hand scraping their existing solid wood floor without the expense of demolition. Changing the texture, color, and applying a modern finish can completely change the look and feel of your floor and the aesthetics of your home design.

We don’t install engineered hardwood flooring because manufacturers don’t warranty installation in dry climates, but we can still give you the look of a scraped wood floor. Hand scraped wood can be crafted in many different styles. Like a custom built suit or hand made quilt, each floor is different.

Old-World Trough-style

There are old-world trough-style hand scraped floors reminiscent of barn wood that look absolutely beautiful in transitional style homes. A regional distributor in Denver, Palo Duro Hardwoods, used to manufacture the Palo Duro Collection. The collection featured wide plank, trough-scraped solid hardwood floors in several different species from Walnut to Brazilian Cherry. A few years ago, Palo Duro closed their manufacturing facility to focus on distribution. If you need to add more Palo Duro Collection flooring to your existing wood floor, Artistic Floors by Design can help. We manufacture Palo Duro Collection wood floors for homeowners. If you want Palo Duro Collection floors added to your existing rooms, stairs, or you’ve had an insurance claim, contact our nationally certified Wood Floor Sales Advisor.

One of our customers, Gary Reese, purchased an eight-year-old home in Colorado Golf Club. The main floor has Brazilian Cherry Palo Duro Collection wood floors in 4”, 6”, and 8” wide planks. “We requested Artistic Floors by Design refinish the existing floors and extend the floors into the master bedroom and hallway to replace carpeting. We needed the work to be completed within 60 days of closing on the house in order to accommodate a large party. With a special order required, they worked with us early in the process to get the materials in on time, coordinated the floor refinish to be done while we were on vacation, and they completed the job in a timely and high-quality manner. The floor in the master matches the main level perfectly. We couldn’t be more pleased with the timeliness of the service and the quality of the job,” Gary remarked.

Hardwood Flooring Installation
Hardwood Flooring Installation

Heavy Rough Scrape

There is heavy, rough hand scraped hardwood that, once finished, feels wonderful to walk across. About a year ago, I got a call from Kristy Shehan, a homeowner in Niwot. Her wood floors had been sanded and stained a dark brown but the finish had clouded. The wood grain was no longer visible with the dark color and cloudy finish. She was hoping we could refinish the floor and add texture as well. The results are phenomenal, as Kristy says, “Joe was the ultimate craftsman, and figured out how to get the look and color we wanted (very distressed with a dark stain) even though it took a few tries. Joe never gave up, never said he couldn’t do it–he kept at it until we got it just right and the results speak for themselves. Every person who comes to our house comments on how beautiful and unique our floors are and we LOVE them.”

Lightly Distressed Texture

There are lighter patterns of distressing we can apply to narrower strips of wood flooring that make it difficult to tell where one board ends and the other begins, making your floor look like a wider plank than it really is. This is a great option for Denverites who are sick of the 2 1/4″ Red Oak most of us have throughout our homes.

“We can’t even tell where one plank ends and the other plank starts!” exclaimed Brett Wallen of Parker, once we finished lightly hand scraping a combination of existing and newly installed 2 1/4″ Red Oak wood floors and stairs. When they originally contacted Artistic Floors by Design, they wanted to remove and replace their floor with a wide plank, hand scraped wood floor. When they discovered we could save them money by changing the look of the floor, they hired us. And hired us again to replace carpet in other areas of their home as well. They raise hunting dogs, so having a textured floor with a matte (less reflective) sheen of finish is essential for mitigating dog claw marks.

Hardwood Flooring Installation
Hardwood Flooring Installation

Wire Brushed Texture

“If you’re a mom, you’re going to love this. It’s the best floor, ever,” says Trish Brace of Castle Rock. Originally, she considered hand scraping her existing 2 1/4″ wide Red Oak floors. She hated the traffic patterns made by busy kids and dogs entering and exiting her home. She liked the look of the scraped dining room table she had built for her kitchen nook and wanted something similar on her floors. Once we started work, we discussed wire brushing for the unique look and feel it offers. The wire brush attachment pulls the softer grain out of the wood floor, leaving just the hard grain behind. This makes the floor more durable and customized to your home. With unlimited color and finish possibilities, this floor option is extremely desirable for large households with a lot of traffic.

How do I care for hand scraped wood floors?

Simply cleaning with the cleaner made by your finish manufacturer is the best way to start caring for your hand scraped wood floors. Although there are many products sitting on store shelves that claim to work on wood floors, the best thing to do is contact your wood floor professional to find out what is the best cleaner. If you don’t have a wood floor pro, contact our nationally certified Wood Floor Sales Advisor.

Use felt pads and be sure to vacuum those regularly as well, especially on barstools and dining room chairs that slide back and forth regularly. Amazon has an excellent option for office chairs, offering felt-fused casters. These simply pop onto your existing office chairs and you no longer require the use of those silly plastic films that cover up your beautiful wood floor.

Maintenance coats can extend the life of your existing wood floor. Depending on the type of finish applied to your floor, we can add finish to it so that it lasts even longer. Regardless of the type of texture, a maintenance coat is an important aspect of caring for your floor and it’s much less expensive than completely resanding your floor. If you look across your existing floor and see a difference in sheen, it’s important to mitigate that issue before the finish completely wears through and dirt becomes embedded in the grain of the wood, requiring the floor to be resanded.

What if I don’t have wood floors right now but I want textured wood floors?

If you have wood floors, all of the above options are possibilities for you because we hand scrape wood floors onsite. If you don’t have hardwood floors at all and you’re looking for handscraped hardwood flooring, we can manufacture flooring for you offsite and install it already colored and finished for you. This makes for a shorter amount of distruption to you inside your home. We can also procure distressed material from several mills, including circle sawn or kerf sawn floors that make your new floor look like reclaimed (without paying the steep price for reclaimed wood flooring).

There are so many color and texture possibilities that exist for you when it comes to solid hardwood flooring. Please don’t limit yourself to scraped engineered hardwood, especially in our arid climate.