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An AFBD Project: Start to Finish

So what exactly happens after you decide it鈥檚 time to makeover your floors? First off, a 馃帀congratulations is in order! It is a big step to take, but rest assured Artistic Floors By Design is here to walk you through each and every part of the project. We broke the process down into 4 easy-to-understand phases:






The first thing we do is schedule your project on our production calendar and order the materials for delivery. Bundles of tongue and groove flooring materials and all other items (finish, sandpaper, etc.) are placed inside the home to acclimate to normal living conditions (this prevents the materials from expanding and contracting if the environment is consistent). All materials are stacked at safe heights (no more than knee or hip level) and placed on top of your existing flooring. We will be in contact with you prior to the project to introduce the team that will be working in your space as well as confirming the actual delivery/start dates.

Our workday is typically 8am-4pm with a few breaks, including lunch. As a general guideline, we estimate approximately 300 square feet of installation or sanding work per day. If you hire Artistic Floors by Design to install approximately 600 square feet and you already have 600 square feet of existing hardwood flooring, a good estimate for the timeframe (including demolition of other floor coverings) is about 9-10 workdays to complete the job:

路 1 day-demolition

路 2 days-installation

路 4 days-sand

路 1 day-color

路 2 days-finish


On day one, you鈥檒l meet our technicians if you choose to be home. Some of our clients prefer to be out of town to minimize the impact the project will have on their home life. If you鈥檙e sensitive to sounds, smells, or you don鈥檛 like containing pets or restricting children to specific areas of your home, we recommend you take a trip. Our company is insured, we have lockboxes if you don鈥檛 have keyless entry, and you have the advantage of coming home to a completely transformed home environment!

Demolition includes a dumpster, which is delivered onto your driveway. You choose the driveway location.

Unless you choose a different option, we make every effort to lace into your existing hardwood floors with the same species and grade (character) of wood that鈥檚 currently in your home.

Installation of hardwood commences with subfloor preparation (scraping seams and removing drywall or high spots), and installation of a vapor retardant. We install following the national technical standards.


After installation, we fill small gaps between boards, then we begin the sanding process. Our technicians' edge and scrape all corners of rooms so everything looks consistent throughout. Usually, while we are sanding, we apply sample colors (with finish) so you can choose the best color for your home鈥檚 design.

It always helps us to have some color direction from you prior to the start of the project. I recommend you visit our professional profile on and review projects or search for keywords like 鈥渄ark brown oak floors鈥 or 鈥済ray wood floors.鈥 Emailing us which color you prefer helps us ensure we鈥檙e on the same page.

Most colors and finishes take a few hours to dry, so if you are staying home at the end of the project, be sure you check to find out when your home is accessible. Cure times are different from dry times! Just like fingernail polish, ladies: when you get a manicure, even though your polish is dry to the touch, you don鈥檛 reach in your purse for your keys! Furniture can be moved back after a few days but we recommend waiting five full days before large rugs are placed back in the living areas.


Final payment is due upon completion of the work. Once payment is received, we鈥檒l send you a receipt showing you鈥檝e paid in full. We love our client鈥檚 feedback and we request reviews for the benefit of both parties. Yes, reviews help promote our company online and we also use your feedback during our employee reviews. Reviews also help you. Each time one of us鈥攆rom the owners to the employees鈥攕teps foot in your home, we behave professionally because we know we鈥檙e being reviewed. Reviews are part of a larger accountability process for us, and when you review Artistic Floors by Design, regardless of a positive or negative testimonial, we will deliver cleaning items for your new floors. This is a relationship; remember, most floors look good on day one, but we want to continue to stay in touch with you so they look beautiful for years to come!

Have a question on anything you read? We love talking with you! Shoot Joni an email and she will be happy to answer any questions you have about the flooring process.

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