Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid Hardwood Floors Open Client Doors

Everyone can discern the difference between solid hardwood floors and engineered or LVT. It is the very essence for which it is named, “solid”.

Webster’s Dictionary : of good substantial quality or kind

While it seems natural that homeowners would ask me questions during an estimate for solid wood floors, some of the best color and style matches come from the questions I ask them.

“What do you like/hate about your current floor coverings?”

Answer – “the way they have worn out so quickly”, eluding to their poor quality and poor installation

“What is non-negotiable (what are you planning to keep the same) during your remodel?”

Answer – “we are not tearing down the house”, implying that the remodel has to have a return on investment and there is a budget.

“Show me your favorite thing in your home.”

Answer – “the history of the heirlooms”, highlighting the need for durability and timelessness of craftsmanship

If your flooring contractor isn’t asking you those questions, contact me. The responses to these questions help specify the perfect foundation for your home’s design. As a National Wood Flooring Association Certified Sales Advisor, my job is to specify the appropriate floor for your project. Even simple changes, like resanding existing hardwood, have so many color and finish choices that customize the look of your home. Don’t let a contractor dump out a can of stain without first learning what else is available!

At the Smiths’ Heritage Hills home in Lone Tree, Colorado, I took one look and asked a few questions. And I knew right away that the traditional stain and polyurethane approach or big box flooring offers would not satisfy their needs. They wanted to remove their existing honey colored wood floors and kitchen cabinetry. Additionally, they wanted to update their drab beige carpeting to make room for a more modern look. They had painted their walls gray and loved the new stackstone fireplace wall in their great room.

Solid Hardwood Flooring
Solid Hardwood Flooring

White Oak Wood Floors

The Smiths fell in love with a 4” #1 grade white oak sample I delivered. It complimented the beauty of their walls and stone. Plus it has a warm, neutral look that aligns perfectly with Pantone’s Classic color trends for Spring 2018: harbor mist (a mid-tone dove gray), warm sand (a comforting neutral shade), and coconut milk (classic off-white).

Joe treated the sample with a chemical that reacts with the wood to alter the color at the molecular level. Like distressed denim, the color of the wood floors is very customized and unique. He finished the sample with a low-luster, colorized linseed-based penetrating oil in a custom gray blend. The oil is durable and the light gray soaks into the grain to give the wood a ceruse (reverse-grain) appearance. This means that what’s typically darker becomes attractive to the eye because it’s now lighter. Creating the unexpected is our passion: art is not just for walls. For us, it’s not a tagline; it’s a commitment to our customers.

South Park Hill Neighborhood

I took the Smiths to another home in which we had recently changed out the existing flooring for a more modern look. In this South Park Hill neighborhood home, we used the same chemical colorant and penetrating oil we were considering for the Smith residence. The homeowner, Robyn, encouraged the Smiths to take off their shoes and socks to feel the silky finish of the floor. They enjoyed the warm feel of the penetrating oil so much on their bare feet that they requested we add wood floors in both their guest and master bedrooms to the installation project.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

The Smiths also had requested we change out their carpeted stairs and add wrought-iron balusters to their existing, painted-white builder-specified handrail to the basement. To me, this aspect of the project made the most difference in their home. Most stairs have a rounded edge (what we call bullnosing) but we customized the stairs and handrail with a squared edge to reflect the home’s transition to a modern design, touches a big box local store is NOT capable of doing. The newel posts are now simply squared with a black inset detail at the cap for a clean, sleek look. Additionally, we were able to remove the wall-mounted handrail, which freed up wall space for family pictures and other décor while keeping all specifications in line with building codes.


“It was VERY clear that Joe’s work was a cut above EVERYONE else in town,”

Dr. Brad Smith wrote in his testimonial. For years, they had kept their black Baby Grand piano hidden in their basement but now, it fits perfectly on the wood floors in their modern great room. The updates to their kitchen include wood floors that provide a beautiful design foundation for their new, white kitchen cabinetry with nickel fixtures, updated appliances with a new vent hood for their stove top, and a leather-look granite countertop and dramatic tile backsplash.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

The Smiths are excited to feature their home in our Wood Floors Open Doors event on Friday, December 1.

RSVP for more details if you’d like to witness the dramatic transformation.