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Double bleached and oiled white Red Oak


What every homeowner wants: durable hardwood flooring. But not every species of wood stands up to residential traffic in the same way. As an investment, hardwood flooring is an excellent floor option with a lot of great choices available.
There are two main types of hardwood flooring and laminate flooring is not one of them. Engineered wood flooring, which usually has a thinner wear layer than solid hardwood flooring, is not an option we offer for installation or refinishing. The benefit to solid wood floors over engineered flooring is that, in most cases, engineered hardwood flooring cannot be sanded and refinished as many times as solid. The other concern we have when installing engineered types of flooring is our dry climate. Contact our National Wood Flooring Association Certified Professional Sales Advisor to find out why.

Before we go any farther into this topic, consider the fact that normal wear and tear will happen with any flooring materials, including solid hardwood flooring, especially if it is not sanded and finished properly. And it’s simple physics: pressure from dog claw marks or an exposed nail in a high-heeled shoe can wreak havok on most types of floors (even our yards!), so be cautious with Fido and ask people to remove their shoes in your home to prevent indentations in your finish and scratches in your wood floors.


The tongue and groove system of the solid hardwood floors we install makes them structurally sound, even over slab on grade or radiant heating systems. Per square foot, Brazilian Cherry, White Oak, Maple, and Hickory are some of the most durable flooring species on the market. But they are also unique in their appearance. Typically, Brazilian Cherry is installed in traditionally designed homes while Maple is more popular in modern home styles. Hickory tends to be quite rustic. White Oak presents a pretty neutral palette and is a classic choice.


Walnut, American Cherry, and Pine or Fir are a few species to avoid if you’re considering a new installation. But what if you already have these floors and cannot afford to replace them? If you’re overwhelmed by the expense of replacing existing hardwood floors, reach out to Artistic Floors by Design and our sales advisor to discover your alternatives. Texture can make a dramatic difference and so can the type and sheen of various finish alternatives. Our specialty is customizing your floors to your aesthetics and lifestyle. Give us a call!

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