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Regardless of the total cost, hardwood is the only flooring option that will increase the value of your home. To make that kind of an investment matter, most of our clients expect to pay thousands of dollars and stay in their home for a very long time. There is no licensing for our trade in the state of Colorado, but as National Wood Flooring Association Certified Professionals, we have met the requirements to be licensed in states that mandate it. Many Denver-area homeowners have solid or engineered hardwood flooring in areas of their home and ask professional floor contractors like Artistic Floors by Design to add more.

We are happy to help in any way we can, but we don’t install all types of flooring. Instead, we are experts at installing hardwood floors and refinishing solid hardwoods. There are a few instances in which we will install engineered hardwood (below grade) but our preference is always to work with solid wood flooring. Sometimes homeowners are confused about the difference between the two types of flooring. Solid hardwood is 3/4″ thick and usually delivered to your home bundled in its “raw, unfinished” state. One way of describing engineered hardwood is that it has a wood veneer or wear layer, and underneath that wear layer, there are layers of plywood glued together to make up to a 3/4″ height. It is usually delivered to a home boxed and already finished by the mill, or manufacturer, of the flooring. There are several reasons why we do not install engineered hardwood and you’re welcome to call us to find out why, after nearly 30 years in this industry working in Colorado’s climate, we do not install this type of product. Trust the experts.

When you call our National Wood Flooring Association Certified Professional Sales Advisor, you’ll be asked a few specific questions to narrow down the cost to install hardwood in your home. Do you know what flooring material you currently have (solid or engineered)? How many square feet of hardwood flooring do you have and expect to add? What type of wood do you want (whether strip or wide plank and what species, like Red Oak or Brazilian Cherry)?

What color do you prefer everything to be when it’s all sanded to match? Note: depending on species, there’s always a bit of color variation; that’s just part of the natural beauty of hardwood floors.

Other questions to consider that add to the cost of hardwood flooring installation are:

  • Do you want to remove your existing floor coverings yourself?

  • Do you want to remove your existing baseboards and reinstall them yourself?

  • There will likely be some paint touch-up on your baseboards and walls. Do you have your paint handy, or are you planning to hire a painter to repaint or match to your existing colors?

  • If there is a large amount of floor coverings to be removed, you’ll need a dumpster or a vehicle that’s large enough to haul everything to the dump. Which is more appropriate for you?

  • Who will move your furniture: you or a professional moving company?

  • Would you prefer to have the work completed while you live at home or schedule it around a vacation when you’re away?


Contact us today!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the list of questions and other items we’ve described, it’s time to consider a discovery call. We know it’s hard to trust contractors and many of us have heard or experienced our own remodeling horror stories. Artistic Floors by Design operates differently. There is more to hardwood floor installation cost than the price and it matters that our workspace is your home. We are specific on price, timeframe, and quality of work completed.


Artistic Floors by Design schedules approximately 30-45 days out from today, so contact us today to ensure your project is handled by our National Wood Flooring Association Certified Professional Craftsmen

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