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Any professional hardwood floor refinishing contractor will tell you, floor staining is something better left to the experts. This isn’t meant to be insulting, but some of the worst work we’ve ever seen is DIY stain projects. Here at Artistic Floors by Design, we have a motto for DIY folks. It goes something like this: just because you can do a thing doesn’t mean you should. And we recognize it ourselves. We hire a tax accountant. We hire a professional website developer. We don’t do those things ourselves because it’s not our genius. Lucky for you, floor finishing is our genius.

Homeowners aren’t always certain about the process of wood finishing. Refinishing your wood floor is less expensive than ripping it out to install a new one. If cost is a concern to you, call our Certified Professional Sales Advisor for a phone consultation. It’s quick and easy and won’t cost you a dime to discuss the details. Lots of people are hesitant to trust a contractor, but in all of our customer reviews, two things stand out. We are easy to work with and our aesthetics are top-notch. Providing you with some basic information, including price and timeframe, helps us help you. You’ll just never hear us say DIY is ok!

Before we get down to bare wood and apply the stain, several conversations will happen. Like the saying goes, “Measure twice, cut once.” With oil-based stains, water-borne dyes, custom colorants, and all types of finish, the key is not the product. What matters is the conversation, because that’s how we match your color and finish with your lifestyle. That’s how we guarantee satisfaction.

The first discussion happens on the phone prior to the onsite consultation. Our Certified Professional Sales Advisor will walk you through a list of simple questions, including wood species and possible color preferences. We inquire about these items because we want to show you appropriate samples during the onsite consultation. If you have a Red Oak wood floor and you want to see a dark brown stain, that’s what we’ll bring. Our samples are not paint chips. They don’t hang on a key chain. They’re about 2’x2′ and heavy enough to give us a good workout. They range from bleached to nearly black, with and without texture, and include a variety of finishes for your review. That doesn’t mean you’ll see the perfect color during the onsite consultation. Remember, this is just the start of this process.


Following the phone conversation, you receive an email confirming the date and time of the onsite consultation. That email is your invitation to send us images of what you’d like to see when your floor is sanded. Please do not worry that you will bother us! We want to see your preferences in photos because they’re so much more accurate than words. However, if you have a 3″ wide Red Oak floor, try to look for images of stained Red Oak. If you’re not sure what you want, check out or Pinterest. They’re the best social media platforms for remodeling images


During the onsite consultation, we will discuss everything about your wood floor, from water popping to protective finish. We nerd out about relative humidity and environmental constraints, so be prepared to hear more than what you bargained for. There will be a point in the conversation when your eyes will start to glaze over. That’s when we start measuring. Don’t fret; we will place the pertinent information in writing into the estimate we email you. If you don’t like any of the sample colors we brought, it’s ok! At the start of your project, we will apply a few colors on your wood floor for your approval.

The two finishes we use most often are penetrating oils and two-component, commercial grade water based polyurethane. There are different advantages to each type, based on drying time to durability. We cover these options during the onsite consultation and can review them during the project again, if that helps.

The best time to ask a whole lot of questions is when we are in your home during the consultation. There are no silly questions. We’ve had homeowners ask if they should wear a dust mask, or if they will be harmed by “organic vapors.” (You’ll have to call us to find out more about those responses!)

Your estimate will include price and timeframe options. Depending on your choices, prices and timeframes can vary. Once you narrow down the scope of work, we will give specifics about what happens during each day. Our crew is in your home, and only your home, until your project is finished. While this process can be loud and sometimes smelly, we try to disrupt your life as little as possible. Some people hate surprises. With the exception of television shows, everyone hates remodeling surprises!

When you hire Artistic Floors by Design and we begin to work in your home, the conversation does not stop. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from a few different colors and usually at least two types of finishes. Why? Your lifestyle and the look you want to achieve matter to us, too. We want you to be satisfied with your floor over time, not just on day one. We apply samples in a room with a lot of natural light. Plus, you have about 24 hours to see those samples at different times of day prior to your final decision.

If we are part of a larger remodeling project, be sure to ask where we fit into the project. Remember, we do this work every day and are licensed for hardwood floor refinishing in states that mandate it. We cannot cut corners or we could lose our professional certifications. Every homeowner has heard horror stories about remodeling. Some of you have experienced those situations firsthand. We understand it’s tough to trust contractors. That’s why we put everything in writing and manage your expectations ahead of time.

Wherever you’re at in the decision-making process, let us help. Maybe you need a discovery call to get an idea of budget and timeframe. Or perhaps you’re ready to hire a pro. Contact our National Wood Flooring Association Certified Professional Sales Advisor to ensure the best investment!

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