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Texturizing your hardwood flooring by wire-brushing the softer grain out of wood and adding color creates a unique style. Wood floor texture immediately captivates your vision by creating depth and contrast. Not only is it stunning, but it’s also highly practical. Wood floor texture has benefits such as:

  • A great feel for your bare feet

  • More durable- because you’re walking on the harder parts of the wood

  • Traffic patterns become minimized


Wood Floor Texture – Tweed
We like to call this style Textured Tweed but it’s technical name is ceruse. This is a method of reversing the grain of the wood, making what’s naturally darker, the lighter component. The field is 2 1/4″ #1 red oak, and is fairly standard in Denver homes. We customized it with dye and added a wire-brushed wenge border oiled white for a textured tweed effect.

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