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A Cautionary Tale

Are you in the market for upgrading your home with custom hardwood flooring and stairs? Before you choose a contractor to do the work, it's essential to do your homework, no pun intended. This is a cautionary tale about two homeowners who wanted to share their experience to prevent it from happening to others.

When Jeremy and Marie moved into their family’s home, they knew they wanted to upgrade the floors and staircase to modernize the existing aesthetic. Even though they looked through some reviews and did some online research, the first contractor they hired turned out to be a “yes man” and was saying he had skilled people to complete the work, even though he didn’t, just to sell the project. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to know whether a contractor has skilled help he can turn to unless he has employees. That was the first mistake, but one that’s easy to make, especially in a big remodeling market like Denver. There are so many contractors that choices can become overwhelming.

While the work was completed, they started to notice problems. The stairs creaked and moved beneath their feet, and the flooring and finish trim on the stairs was gapping and uneven. After pointing out the errors and trying to get the first contractor to make the necessary repairs, they realized it was a lost cause and began searching for a better solution. Take a look at this video to learn more about their experience.

Here is where Artistic Floors by Design comes into the story. Our team of experts assessed the damage, provided a detailed estimate, and answered questions in person as well as on a Zoom call with both homeowners. Unfortunately, it takes time to get on our calendar, but once the project was contracted and scheduled, we were able to quickly get to work fixing the stairs and floors. The existing work all needed to be removed and replaced. Employing our experience and sourcing high-quality materials, we created a beautiful and functional custom design that not only meets but exceeds Jeremy and Marie’s expectations.

In this short video, they both share some of the tips they learned from their experience. Before you hire a contractor, make sure to do diligent research, including asking for referrals and speaking with past clients. Artistic Floors by Design will even take prospective customers to homes where our work has been completed. Be sure to read reviews but also check credibility against objective standards like membership and certifications through trade associations. Be sure to inquire whether the contractor uses subcontractors or hires and trains employees. The more you research, the better the result, overall, from timeframe, budget, and aesthetic.

At Artistic Floors by Design, we take pride in our work, and your satisfaction is our top priority. With over 30 years of industry experience and nearly two decades of owning our own wood floor contracting business in the local area, we have the knowledge and expertise to create custom designs that will last a lifetime that fit into your budget. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us show you why we're the best in the business. We wish Jeremy and Marie the best in their newly updated home environment and we are grateful they trusted us to work in their biggest investment: their home!

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Pam & Conrad Smith
Pam & Conrad Smith
27 jun 2023

We had a similar experience. Artist Floors redid our wood floors and they are beautiful! Will never use anyone else!

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