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Refer An Employee
Get $5,000 Off Your
Next Flooring Project!

We are excited to announce our latest referral program! Artistic Floors By Design is hiring and we need your help.

The program is simple:

1.  You refer a great friend or family member who would be a good fit at our company!


2. We interview and hire them.

3. One year after successful employment on our team, you get $5,000 towards a new flooring project in your home!

So who is an ideal candidate for a position? Anyone that wants the freedom to work outside of the traditional office environment, wants to work with their hands, and has a great attitude.  No experience necessary!

Just have your candidate email their resume to Joni Rocco

or they can learn more about the job on our website through this link.

Terms & Conditions do apply, see more!

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