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5 Standout Wood Flooring Projects

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

I know, I know, you aren’t supposed to have “favorites” when it comes to children, pets, and in this case, our creative work endeavors but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves and we get caught up in the beauty and art that our wood projects illuminate when they are finished! So here we find ourselves reflecting on our past work and focusing on our top 5 standout wood flooring projects. Please join us on this visual journey and leave a comment on which project you would deem to be your “favorite”!

5. Refinish Parker PACE Center’s Dance Floor: We love our town and even though this wasn’t an installation, working to refinish the PACE Center’s dance floor was so rewarding, we had to include it as one of our top projects! We loved the video they created (watch it here) to say thanks to Artistic Floors By Design! Hey PACE Center, art is not just for walls…and we look forward to when we get to see more of your performing arts!

4.  Handcrafted Show Stopper: I’m not jealous of many floors, but this one is both rustic and refined and absolutely sets the space apart from the rest. The mill created the saw marks for texture and Joe worked with several different colorants to mimic the look of a reclaimed oak floor. It won the National Wood Flooring Association’s Wood Floor of the Year for Best Color Application and Wood Floor Business Best Stair Installation. This floor boasts my favorite mix of gray, brown, and creamy neutral colors. Joe also created the handrail and had the newel posts custom turned to mimic Restoration Hardware dining table legs.

3. 3-dimensional Floor Made To Look Like Heirloom Quilt: Yes, you read that correctly! This floor was made to mimic the look of a quilt that the homeowners proudly displayed in their living room. It may have been grandma’s old quilt that inspired this design but the floor ended up anything but traditional! Joe created panels that were both raised and depressed to inlay a design that is classic yet absolutely unique when it comes to the flooring industry. Read more about this award-winning design in the FCIMag feature article.

2. A Stitch In Tim…Or On Your Floor: Another 3-dimensional floor masterpiece will claim our second position as one of our top all-time-favorite projects. This one won awards no other floor has yet to do! It took all four of the industry’s top awards in 2019 from three different organizations, Wood Floor of the Year, Best Curved, Members’ Choice (National Wood Flooring Association), Floor Covering Installer Magazine’s Best Residential Installation, and Wood Floor Business Magazine’s Best Residential

1. More Than Just A Floor: Anyone that has been to our home is sure to comment on this unique bar top that sits in our basement. It was inspired when Joe asked the question “Can a wood floor have an additional utilitarian function besides being just, well, a floor?” It turns out the answer is a resounding, YES! This floor/table/bar creation has been seen hundreds of thousands of times on social media from Facebook, Imgur, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram…. well, you get the idea. It was created from a white oak floor that appears to “grow a table” and it continues to generate more conversation online than anything else Joe has envisioned, designed, and produced to date! For those reasons, this claims our #1 spot for all-time standout flooring projects. Are you ready for something “stand out” in your home? Reach out to us today to make your flooring dreams a reality.

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