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Biomimicry: Ideas Inspired By Nature

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

It’s a bit of an elitist attitude that haunts us human beings, thinking that we are the first to design and build in the natural world. We should remember that the rest of nature solves problems, too. And while nature’s solutions are focused on function, they still manage to incorporate aesthetics.

For example, there’s no pump in a tree root, but, through capillary action and transpiration, a tree pulls water up against gravity for use throughout its entire structure. Beetles use wax to collect moisture from air and stay hydrated. Nature is not just a stockpile of goods in our world; it is also a place to look for inspiration and knowledge to better function in our environment.

That’s why Artistic Floors by Design showcases the beauty and texture of a natural product like wood floors by offering all-natural finish options to seal and protect it.

Most people living in the United States are more familiar with film-forming polyurethanes that wood flooring professionals apply to seal and protect wood. They lay on top of the wood and protect the natural product with a film. Film-forming polyurethanes are inside our comfort zone as most people believe that the added layer of protection means more durability and easier maintenance.

But what if there was an environmentally-friendly, no-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) finish out there that could seal and protect, and was easy to maintain and buff into high traffic areas when needed? Too good to be true? Actually, there are a several types of finish products that bond with wood at the molecular level to seal and protect your investment. There’s one brand in particular, Odysseus Cornwall’s Outstanding Oil and Wax , or Odie’s Oil, that our customers love. Odie’s manufactures several finish options, but the products we enjoy using the most for flooring specifications are Odie’s Oil and Odie’s Wax. Odie’s has come a long way, baby, from your mother’s wax floors. The two floors in the pictures below couldn’t be more extreme, but both are wearing Odie’s products.

In Colorado’s dry climate, there’s another benefit to oil applications: they help wood stabilize and retain some of its natural moisture. Oil and wax hybrids offer a conditioning advantage to maintain your floor’s beauty over time.

Contact our Certified Sales Advisor to find out more about the possibilities of all-natural finishes and the required maintenance for these alternatives that showcase wood’s inherent beauty, revealing a richness and depth to its natural color and grain patterns and a soft foot feel for comfort in your home environment.

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