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Color, Sheen, & Texture: OH MY!

Three Tips to the Best Decision for your Floors

“It’s a nightmare choice because it’s a lot of money and you don’t want to mess up,” Karen Marie, our client, posted on a closed Facebook group the day before her floors were completed. Then, a couple of days later: “We are starting to move back in, and it looks awesome!”

Colorant, sheen of finish, and texture are the words we communicate repeatedly, and sometimes we take for granted the challenge of the decision. No one wants to regret their choices, especially not when they’re mostly living in and still working from their homes.

So how do you decide?

Once the conversation starts, keep it going. Some homeowners have no idea they can change the color of their existing wood floor. Some know exactly what they’re looking to achieve. Regardless, we schedule about 60-90 days out from the initial estimate and some of you get more than one quote. Do you remember everything we discussed? If not, keep the conversation going. As Artistic Floors by Design’s only salesperson, it’s my responsibility to get as much specific direction from you as possible prior to the start of the project, so I’m happy to view images over text, email images for your consideration, and give you a call or email you more specific information to answer your questions. One of the biggest advantages of hiring Artistic Floors by Design is that we don’t subcontract out our work, and our three lead technicians experiment with color on a regular basis, from helping homeowners figure out what color will look best with their kitchen cabinets to what color makes their new paint look better.

Do you have pets? Tell us and let us see how they behave. I’ll admit, being mauled by a few friendly dogs who are under the impression I came to visit and play with them is not my favorite way to start a Monday. I appreciate the homeowners over the years who have offered their pet hair removers to my clothes, too. But seriously, watching how your pets behave helps me understand traffic through your home (especially at all entrances) and recommend what’s best for your floors in terms of type of finish, finish sheen. Pet hair is a common consideration, too: are you going to vacuum every day or should you consider a color that helps hide some of the hair left behind?

Come visit a home with me. Sometimes an onsite visit is the best way to determine what you need and want. Most of our past clients are happy to show off their floors and describe the process and considerations to you more clearly because they’ve been in your shoes. We want you to be as happy as they are and consider the possibility of opening your home to another prospective customer as well. Take advantage of the knowledge and expertise available to you on our team. Ultimately, it’s your home and your decision to make, but we’re here to help as well! Click here for customer reviews.

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