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Flooring Trends for the New Year…and Beyond

Let’s face it, I think most of us are more than ready to say farewell to 2020! As we move into the new year, these are some of the flooring trends we expect to continue to create in the future.

When we hear the word “trend”, we naturally think that we are referring to something that will, in time, go out of style. That isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to hardwood flooring, at least not the four styles that are featured here. Join us while we identify and describe the latest flooring trends and take a look at each style.

1. High Color Variation/Reclaimed Look: This floor is one that we have featured in countless places on our website, social media, and it is known as one of Joni’s “favorites”. It is a fabulous example of a flooring style that has high color variations in the gray color family. When we use the term “high color variations”, we are referring to the variety of color visible within each plank and from plank to plank. This style lends to a not-so-uniform appearance that can present rustic. A high color variation wood floor will produce an end product that has a random sampling of colors that complements contemporary or modern décor.

2. White-Washed Wood Floors: This relaxed west-coast trend has become a popular pick with Denver-area homeowners. A white-washed (or bleached) floor lends to a beachy-vibe or pairs well with the farm-house style décor. This flooring trend can really lighten and brighten your space but it does have a distinct style so it might not sit right in every home.

3. Taupe Flooring: Looking to lighten up? These grayish brown (or brownish-gray, for some!) floors keep the foundation of the space neutral but still provides a warmth that our homeowners enjoy. These colorants are not the cool gray from a few years ago, and by choosing a warm neutral floor, the homeowner is left with endless options for wall paint, home décor and furnishings. Contrary to picking a dark/ebony color, a light/blonde floor choice will make your space feel bigger and allow for darker furnishings to nicely accentuate the space. It’s also extremely forgiving with a high traffic floor.

4. Honey Flooring: What? That honey-golden floor you called Joni about to come and resand is popular again? Not exactly…but close. You heard it here first: honey floors (hello ’90s) are making a comeback. Like many fashion styles that seem to come full circle (high rise jeans, anyone?), the same can be said for wood flooring styles. Honey-colored floors create a space that is rich and cozy to be in. Like the blonde floors, the overall space will feel light and bright and lend to a multitude of styling options. The present-day honey floors are blending a soft/warm brown (or honey-tone) in the stain that leaves the space open, inviting, and ready for the homeowner to decorate in a multitude of styles

Which trend is your favorite? Leave us a comment to let us know! Whether you are up for one of the latest trends in flooring or if you want to keep your flooring classic, Artistic Floors by Design can help you create a space that is uniquely your own.

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