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Join the AFBD team! We are hiring.

Some people are made for desk jobs and some people are miserable doing desk jobs. This work is not for the faint of heart, but it is very rewarding to take something unattractive and unappealing and turn it into a piece of beautiful craftsmanship.

A long time ago, wood floors were enjoyed exclusively by wealthy aristocrats, but now many homes showcase beautiful wood floors.

Our company works up and down the I-25 corridor and unlike a lot of flooring contractors, we focus specifically on installing new and refinishing existing solid hardwood floors. The only thing we’ll do with carpet, tile, and vinyl is tearing it out for you and replacing it with the real thing: solid hardwood flooring. What’s our advice if you can’t afford solid hardwood? Save up until you can. It’s the only floor covering available that increases your home’s value and the appearance can be changed several times before replacement is required, which means it’s the best investment to make and the most environmentally friendly solution. I know—it seems crazy that I would call wood “environmentally friendly,” but the fact of the matter is, much of the product we use is domestic (so it is milled by Americans and hasn’t been transported from the other side of the world) and the mills we source from are required to reforest in a healthy way (Lacey Act). Technology has come a long way, so our Lagler and Festool machinery generates very little dust and even our finishes are low- and no-VOC. You can always trust that we follow the highest industry standards since we are NWFA Certified Professionals.

If you or someone you know is not interested in going to college but would rather work with their hands, contact us to find out more about our technical positions and see the open one here. For three years, your wage increases as you learn and apprentice with Artistic Floors by Design’s Nationally Certified Lead Technicians. You’ll learn all aspects of the trade from 8 am to 4 pm each weekday, with paid online and practical onsite training, as you progress through the skills required to lead your own two-person crew.

We are proud of our work and are one of the few companies in our state to hire, train, and certify our employees, instead of using subcontractors. Unlike most remodeling companies, an added advantage to working for us is that we know this is a demanding job. We want you to enjoy time with family and friends outside of normal business hours, so we don’t work evenings and weekends and we offer paid holidays so you can enjoy the beautiful landscape that surrounds our great city, from the plains to the mountains and the foothills between.

What’s a day in the life of an apprentice look like? You need your own driver’s license and transportation and each weekday morning at 8 am, you’ll meet the lead technician assigned to you at the job site (the homeowner’s residence) since we only work for remodeling homeowners. You’ll learn both aspects of the trade inside that residence: from ensuring the job site is ready (from machine maintenance to flattening subfloors and a variety of other prep work) to cutting and installing flooring materials to sanding and staining and finishing floors. There are other techniques (like hand scraping, wire brushing, and border and inlay work) that you’ll learn along the way on various custom projects.

Sound interesting? It’s simple! Reach out to Joni and she will interview you briefly on Zoom and invite you to a job site for an onsite interview. Whether we offer you a job, we will pay you for your work that day. Come try it out! What have you got to lose? And you might gain a lifelong skill along the way. Please take a moment to view our current positions and job descriptions that we are hiring for.

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