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New Year, New Floors! But how do you choose the right hardwood flooring?

Just like the name implies, hardwood flooring is made out of wood that is installed as flooring for your home or office. So what type of wood is right for you? That all depends on the traffic and overall look you are aiming to achieve. Check out this quick summary that breaks down some of the basics that you will need to know before selecting the right hardwoods in your home or office.

Solid vs Engineered Flooring: A solid hardwood floor is a three-quarter inch thick and 100% wood, which means it can be refinished/stained numerous times in its lifetime. An engineered hardwood floor is made up of a wood wear layer with several layers of compressed wood or composite under the wear layer. Engineered hardwood is produced specifically for applications with high humidity, like homes in Texas and Louisiana that are built on a concrete slab. In Colorado’s arid climate, we do not recommend engineered hardwood except in basements. We recommend a solid floor that will last the lifetime of your home. You will love the ability to refinish the floors throughout the years to come.

Unfinished vs Finished Hardwood: In a nutshell, unfinished hardwood flooring requires installation, staining, and several coats of a protective finish. Whereas prefinished hardwood flooring comes from a factory and is already stained, sanded, and sealed. The prefinished product only needs to be installed and can be ready to be walked on the same day. If you are considering prefinished products, we have some recommendations for you to consider. If you have prefinished wood floors and you’d like to add more, we can try and source additional similar product to install, or if your prefinished wood floors are ready to be resanded, we can add unfinished hardwood to your existing floors and sand everything to match with a color and finish of your choice.

Wood Types: There are many hardwood species to choose from and depending on your lifestyle (kids, dogs, etc), you may want to select a hardwood that is durable and can take the wear and tear. Do you have a wood in mind that you want to learn more about or do you have flooring in your home but you are not sure about the type? Reach out to us with any questions you have, we are happy to answer them! 

Does this all seem like a lot of information? That’s because there is! But rest easy in knowing that you can’t go wrong when you work with a National Wood Flooring Association Certified Professional. Hardwood floors add elegance, beauty, and timeless touch that is sure to compliment your home or office. As always, Artistic Floors By Design is here to answer any questions you have to ensure you make the right selection for your next hardwood flooring project.

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