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What is lurking in our carpets?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

So what is lurking in our carpets? Before we get into all that (and there is a LOT of things in there), we will first warn you that this blog isn’t for the faint of heart! Some of the more common items found in carpets can be downright gross. The truth is that carpets can be a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and allergens. If you suffer from allergies, your carpet may be harboring many of the irritants that cause allergies to flare up. Here is a shortlist of some common items/allergens that can be found within the average carpet:

  1.  Pollen

  2. Dust/dirt

  3. Dead skin cells

  4. Hair

  5. Pet dander/hair/feces

  6. Mold

  7. Dust mites

  8. Insects

We know what you’re thinking: YUCK—I’m clean! There’s no way those things are in my carpets! Honestly, it’s not about being clean or dirty. Carpets are simply made up of fibers that make for a great breading ground to collect and store the above items! As dirt or whatever else gets tracked through your home, it finds a place to settle deep within the carpet fibers and stays hidden below the surface. These items build up within the carpet and are often difficult to fully remove, even with deep cleanings.

Check out the underside view of some carpet that was recently pulled out of a very neat and tidy home we recently worked on in the Heritage Hills area.  We removed all the carpet in this home and every piece looked like this! It happens even when carpets are regularly cleaned and maintained. So what can we do? Between our shoes, the kids, and pets, our carpet materials absorb and house all sorts of nastiness that will impact our house’s air quality and overall household health.

Before you rip out every square inch of carpet in your home and install wood floors, there are a few things you can do to lessen the germs in your carpet and home. Start with frequent cleaning like vacuuming every week. Vacuuming will remove some of the items that build up below the carpet’s surface.  Also get into a routine of deep cleaning your carpets, which should be completed at a minimum of one time per year. Ensure that after a deep clean, your carpet has time to dry properly (and completely) which will avoid the growth of mold and bacteria. We prefer the modern cleaning method that Jim Glasser, from Go Green Dry Carpet Cleaning, uses. He is our recommended carpet cleaner, and Jim can also help you maintain your existing hardwood floors by cleaning residue and polish buildup.

You knew we would say this: the easiest way to avoid germs in your carpet and home is to not have carpet! Most people hire us for the aesthetics and investment hardwood flooring makes to your home; however, a tremendous benefit is the cleaner living space enjoyed by all. Help us help you remove unnecessary allergens from your home and install clean, allergen-friendly hardwood flooring!

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