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What Stain Is Best For Your Floors?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

When you open the door to your home or business, the floor sets a tone for your guest. Your floor is the foundation of your design. Whether it is the sexy sleekness of rich walnut, the New Age clean feel of natural light wood, or the country charm of honey oak, hardwood floors can definitely lend personality to an otherwise blank space. Choosing a stain color is no easy task and if you pick wrong, you may be stuck with the results for a long time to come. There are a variety of factors to consider before you pick the right stain for your new flooring project. Next to your walls, your flooring covers the largest amount of square space in your home so getting the look just right is very important. Here are a few tips that can help you choose a stain color that you will love for years.

What’s your style? Taking into account your current design aesthetic is important when selecting a stain for your floor. Will you be replacing furniture or keeping it the same? Will your walls be repainted or is the existing color going to stay? All of these factors will help create the end look of your home. You will want to pick a color that complements your furniture and wall colors, not one that clashes with the décor. Darker browns and ebonies are popular for traditional style spaces, while lighter colors are great for modern and smaller areas to create a light or airy feel. If you tend to be more classic and lean towards colonial décor, then you may want a maple or honey color. The three images below are an example of traditional (dark), modern (lighter neutral), and rustic color choices. You can see the stark differences that each look brings to the final design.

What type of wood do you have? If you are interested in refinishing your hardwood floors and your home has an exotic species like mahogany, cherry, maple, or walnut then it may be best to skip the stain and let the natural beauty of the wood be the finishing color. A nice finishing oil is all that an exotic wood needs to enhance and protect its natural beauty. If you have a more common wood, like an oak, then you will want to find the right color that works best in your home.

So what do I choose, light or dark? Choices, choices, choices! Try not to get too overwhelmed in this stage. Start by looking at a set of light, medium, and dark-colored stains. Are you leaning more one way than the other? Is any particular color standing out to you? If you have existing wood floors, think about what you really like and what you really dislike about the current color and finish. Look for pictures of rooms with similar color flooring to ensure that you still like it when viewed in a larger space. Be sure to also look at the décor and wall color in those sample images since they will be creating the entire room look. Do your homework and ensure you truly understand what your stain color will look like once placed in an entire room. Next, ask us for a sample! Artistic Floors By Design has made dozens of sample boards like you see below, and we have many on hand to show our customers. If you pick a stain that we do not have, we will simply customize a sample just for you so you can see what your stain looks like on your particular type of hardwood. Once your project has started, we will also apply samples to your floor to make sure that you love your chosen color.

In Conclusion… In the end, finding the perfect stain for your home or office will take a little time and a little research. Once you consider your style, the décor, and the overall look you want to achieve, then picking your stain will be a little easier. Reach out to Artistic Floors by Design’s Certified Wood Floor Sales Advisor and Contact Us now to get a sample and together we can select the right stain for your space.

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