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Artistic Floors by Design certifies all employees through the National Wood Flooring Association. Although there is no licensing for our trade in Colorado, we adhere to national technical standards for installation and refinishing of solid hardwood flooring. Our scope of work goes beyond what’s visible for superior performance.

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Artistic Floor By Design

About Us.

We combine the art of our craft and our business operations to provide  a beautiful, technically superior foundation for home design to remodeling homeowners in Denver.

What I thought I wanted to do in life and where my passion eventually took me were two very different roads. Even while I was getting my degrees in economics and political science, I was installing and finishing wood floors. The work got me through college, but, more importantly, the art of it got under my skin.

I kept at it, and, in 2006, my wife and I started our own company, Artistic Floors by Design. We put our passion for quality and craftsmanship into every project.

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Artistic Floor By Design

We work differently.

We know it’s hard to trust contractors, but we work differently.

Here’s what you can expect from Artistic Floors by Design.

  • Discover the various species of flooring and types of colorants, textures, and finishes that will match your lifestyle and budget.
  • Receive accurate timeframes for options, including flooring, stairs, trim carpentry, and handrails.
  • Learn about our partnerships with other industry leaders.
  • It is our professional responsibility to educate you and manage your expectations regarding all aspects of your wood flooring project.
  • Rest assured that you don’t put any money down without a legally binding contract, which places your project on our production calendar.
  • Receive one- and two-week reminders as well as delivery reminders and an introduction to our specific employees who will work in your home.
  • We exist to serve people like you: remodeling homeowners. All of our vehicles, machinery, and skill sets are tailored to home remodeling projects, not new construction or commercial work.
  • The technicians working on your wood flooring project are employed by us, not contract workers for hire. We create a pathway for their training, continuing education, and certification. We do not subcontract out our work.
  • Each of our technicians adheres to technical standards set by the National Wood Flooring Association, our country’s only trade association dedicated to the hardwood flooring industry. This guarantees lasting, beautiful results.

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