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How about $5/k off new floors in the New Year?

We are excited to announce our latest referral program! Artistic Floors By Design is hiring and we need your help.

We all know that the job market is a bit crazy right now, and the hardwood flooring business is no exception! We need to build our team and figured that we would go to the best resource we have in order to do so- OUR CLIENTS!

We are asking for your referrals of anyone who could be a good fit on our team! So who is an ideal candidate for a position? Anyone that wants the freedom to work outside of the traditional office environment, wants to work with their hands, and has a great attitude. No experience necessary!

We want your help getting the word out that we are hiring! Don't worry, you will be rewarded for your efforts! Anyone that provides the referral of our future employee will receive $5,000 off their next flooring project! Yes, that's correct. $5,000!!

The absolute easiest way for you to participate in this referral promotion is to visit our page featuring the offer here to understand what we are looking for. Your referral can also learn more about the job by visiting our We're Hiring page.

The program is simple:

1. You refer a great friend or family member who would be a good fit at our company!

2. We interview and hire them.

3. One year after successful employment on our team, you get $5,000 towards a new flooring project in your home!

Here are the Terms & Conditions to this offer:

By entering into this promotion and using the form on our website, you agree to:

  • The referrer must live within 50 miles of Parker, Colorado.

  • The referrer cannot work for the hardwood flooring industry.

  • The award cannot be used toward a previously or currently contracted project.

  • One year of successful employment means the employee must also be entered into the US Department of Labor apprenticeship program (Artistic Floors by Design will facilitate), must be progressing through the program, and must have enrolled in and/or completed Basic Installation and Basic Sand/Finish National Wood Flooring Association courses (Artistic Floors by Design will pay for and schedule within the employee’s first year).

  • If two people refer the same person, the first person to refer will be entered into the contest.

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